Monday, April 5, 2010


To keep family tradition, I decided to bake a russian Paska Bread for Easter with my older daughter Erika. She ofcourse was more excited about decorating it then the whole baking process. But it was a long time before we would be able to sprinkle the tops with those colorful sugar sprinkles. I'am not a big dough person and dont have much experience workign with dough. However the whole process of baking Paska Bread brought so much merories of my childhood. I am the youngest of 4 children in our family and this was by far one of my favorite things to do, was to help my mom bake and decorate.

On Saturday morning I got all the details from my mom oh how to bake the Paska and was excited to begin. This was a long, old school process and took me most of the day. As I remember, my parents used to collect cans from different can foods to have for the time of Easter. Well, since I've decided to bake this Paska Bread day before I didn't not have any cans at hand. I end up opening all kinds of canned foods just to have enought cans for my big batch of dough. I guess for the next couple of days, will be eating lots of canned foods including green beans, corn, chilli, condensed milk, and canned pineapples.

Erika was able to help me with every step possible. She was there sitting on the countertop and helping me with all the ingridience, and making sure everything was mixed and blended the way it supposed to be. She remined me alot of myself, being little and wanted to be such a big help to my mom. I remember my mom would give me a little piece of dough, so I could create my own little pastry.

Meanwhile, Abby was excited to not be interrupted from opening every drawer and cupborad possible. This is her new way of getting my attention and exploring the kitchen. Now that she get's up on her feet, she is able to reach much more things and get into stuff.

The dough had to raise 3 times, and as much as I didn't want to, I had to push it down to rise again. My sister kept on saying, how you have to warm up the whole house and keep it warm for the dough to rise.

After all the outcome was sucessful, (for days) house was filled with the smell of baked bread and I was satisfied with a freshly baked piece of Paska Bread with a cup of hot tea.

Happy Easter!
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