Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decorating Tips.

I've been given as a gift for Christrams a "House Beautiful Mazagine" subscription for a year from one of my husband's friends. (By the way, a very good idea for a gift). Always when I am at the checkout I would always glance thru them, to try to memorize good decorative ideas for my house. But the minute I walked out of the store, I would forget them. So now I have been getting this magazine every months delivered to my door and I get to reffer to it when ever I want.

As I was looking thru the new May issue, that I received yesturday, I came to realize that my house was missing lots of decorative details that are very important. So I began making arrangements, (while my husband was watching the kids). I began to move things around, putting extra details on the tables, and rearranging the furniture a bit. Even thought I love real plans and my house has at least 1 plant in every room, I came to a conclusion that I need some more, especially the once that are bloomed. My new rule is to have at least one center piece of bloomed flowers at all times.
Here is what I came up with:

Also found out something new about pillows.
"Pillows have to bring something new to a room scheme. A pillow can introduce an entirely new color, add graphic pattern to a room of solids, or layer on texture"

Since we've always had leather coutches, I always thought they look good without pillows. Then I found some cheap pillows at Ross store, that I though would look good on my couches. I am thinking right now I will be on a hunt for more pillows that could compliment my room and at the same time bring out something new and fresh.

Speacking of something new and fresh, I ended the day with crocheting this wonderful bracelet, that I actually wanna keep for my self. I am not big on jewelery, that is heavy and seems to be always in a way (especially when you are holding a 8 month old all the time.) So I actually gave up on big/ long neckleces ever since Abby was born. But this bracelet is very light, soft and my favorite colors. 

Also here is one I've knitted couple of days ago.

Knitted Bracelet with Buttons- $12

Interior Decorator...
Element Boutique.

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