Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Pea Patterns Guest Giveaway

Sweet Pea Patterns Guest Giveaway

If you too love to make your little ones their own little sweet feet, Sweet Pea Patterns offers the cutest little baby shoe patterns. And they are offering her six shoe variations, that's 6 patterns, to one lucky Grosgrain reader.

Patterns include a reversible seamless crib shoe, Jack and Jill loafers, reversible Mary Janes, Baby Kawaii Kimono shoes, Angelina Ballerina shoes, and the Bella Baby Crib Shoe.
Imagine all the cute combinations you can create

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3) By linking and leaving a comment (this will be worth 2 entries which will better your chances of winning). Find more info under the FAQ page.

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My latest invention....

As I was creating some of the smaller Rosettse headbands for infants, I decided to go very small and see what happends. Here is my latest creation, or should I say last night's idea:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hellow Yellow!

Perhaps it's because summer is here, but we can't get enough of yellow. The bright and cheery hue brings a smile to our faces and puts a summer in our step. Want to immerse yourself in the color of the sun? Shop for the favorite golden things.  

Yellow are the taxi tops

the butterflies and bumblebees

juicy lemons, sunflower

and for falling leaves

Yellow is for egg yolk
a fever's name,

yellow directory pages

and a yellow warning cards given to players.

Yellow is for the sun 

ornaments of gold,

colour of papers

that are preserved and old.

Yellow is for mustard fields

and banana peels
I stepped on and tripped
also a colour of wisdom and intellect.

Yellow is for charming smilies
for youth, exhuberence and cowardice

to make people smile is its purpose.

Time with the girls....

My husband has had a very busy week and has been coming home later than usual. As much as I could protest he still had to go to work on Saturday. Usually I desperately look forward to the weekend (especially Saturday) to spend time together. This Saturday I had to come up with something to get myself busy with. I decided to take my girls to a park and give then a well overdue photoshoot. I brought lots of different outfits,  jewlery and head full of ideas. Here is an outcome of several hours, in the park running around taking about 200 pictures and making noises to get their attention. Sweating under the burning sun and 80 + deg weather. I am going to admit photography is a bit of a hard work, especially with kids, but I did enjoy it a lot.

Also discovered that Abby is absolutely terrified of a grass and trees, she cried half way thru the photoshoot and wouldn't sit down unless I had her attention with some snacks or toys. And Erika is just like I used to be, loves to climb trees and not afraid of heights.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hours and hours of conversations..... phone conversations....It seemed as though my cell phone was glued to my ear. Faxes send and loads of faxes received. Letters typed and send out for good. Then some more phone calls. By 4 pm I was done. My kids were neglected for the most part of the day. I felt terrible. Had my first meal of the day (not counting a cup of morning coffee) at 4 pm. Which felt really good to put some food into my very exhausted body.

Erika & I actually had enought energy after late lunch to vacuum and clean my car, which was over due for a clean up, while Abby napped.

Then put everything on HOLD and went outside to enjoy the weather. Played ball, ride bikes, walked with a stroller, drawn some pictures on the sidewalk with the chalk, knitted while my kids played on the grass and played with neighboors kids. Took some funny videos of them playing which will bring lots of memories of this day. I even took the food outside to the front porch to let my kids eat and run around. It was so nice to just forget about it all and just enjoy the day. To laught and make them laugh and see my kids enjoy every minute of it.

I know tomorrow will be better and I am looking forward to it.

Summer starts on Monday....

As I was listening to the 6 oclock News several days ago. I've heard the meteorologist say " Summer starts on Monday..." I was excited as many of you to hear those words and made myself beleive that it will happen. As many of us I've been waiting for the sun to come out and warm this planet. For me especially I've been waiting for the sun as if though the life will change and some problems will go away once the sun shine peaks thru the dark clouds. I've been expecting several set backs in different parts of my life and have been down in some areas. Yesturday as I've been frustraited with my blog not being able to post updates for weeks, my back hearing like crazy every time I would move or try to sit down (from the yesturday's fall on my staircase)  I was thinking to myself at 2 am in the morning what if tomorrow, I will wake up and everything will be great  and at peace. If everything will be live and bright as if nothing has ever happend. I dose of too sleep after checking on my kids (sleeping in their rooms peacefully) with one prayer on my mind, "God, let the summer begin tomorrow and help me deal with all this"

I was awaked by my husband's "Good Bye, I am heading out to work" kiss around 6 am. I was excited for this day and even though lots needed to be done; many phone calls made, papers filed and decisions made, I was ready to start this day fresh and with lots of energy.

Made me think of a time when I was upset about some business issue and was thinking thru the options in my head, my 3 years old daughter came up to me and said "Mom are you mad? Your face looks very upset, is there anything I can do? I guess my face expression was showing more that I wanted it to show, that my toddler noticed it.

We had to do some legal proceedings and get governtment involved in order to fight for our business. It put a lot of pressure on us and expecially now that we are 7 days from the Final Order dead line. The respondent in this case is trying to come up with all kinds of ways out by creating fraudulent letters and false case against us. I know that God is in the middle of all this and he will lead the way it should go. As I made some much needed phone calls this morning I am at peace now that it will all be handled right.

Even I have several places to go and still loads of paperwork filed I know that it can wait.... For now time to enjoy the summer with my kids.

Happy Father's Day!

I know I am a day late, but I wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day first to my wonderful father and then to the father of my children. The two men in my life who have been the greatest dad's and role models for me and my children. I love you and thank you for making a world a safe and better place.

My dad (with mom and Erika)

Father of my Children

George with Abby and Erika


I've been encountering some web problems and wasn't able to login into my blog page to update it for several weeks. Now that I think I fixed the problem and figure out what's wrong I and hoping to get back to blogging as of tomorrow. And for now... Good night.

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