Thursday, April 15, 2010

Napa Valley, California!

I've been wanting to post these pictures a while back, but kept forgeting about it.
We've took a road trip, with another friends couple to Napa Valley, California about 2 weeks ago. The trip was planned to celebrate our= My hubbies 30th and My 26th Birthdays. I personally love road trips especially if joined by a fun people. This trip turned out to be lots of fun and definetly memories for life.

At first we've planned to stay a day or two in Napa, CA and then head to San Francisco, but end up staying in Napa for the whole trip and loved every minute of it. That little town has so much to see and taste. Starting with the different vineyard to tour, wines to taste and beautiful senery to see.
We've setteled in a gourgeous hotel in the center or Napa Downtown called "AVIA Hotel". Even thought it was a bit out of our budget, we still decided to stay after voting on it. The hotel is bearly 1 year old and the rooms were very relixing and well furnished.

The outside lounge had a fire pit, wodden swings and beautiful benches. It was decorated with lots of real plants and flowers. We would come out there with the delicious fruit parfaits and enjoy the sunshine.

Then there were furniture and art work inside that was absolutely gorgeous and drawn my attention.
The Chairs, Chairs and more Chairs. Every corner and room of the lobby was furnished with these beautful, rich chairs, sofas and loveseat.

Breakfast was to die for. The Yogurt with Fresh Berries Parfaits were delicious.

We were able to visit a beautiful Castello di Amorosa Castle Winery.

Taste some good wine. YUM

Do a picnic outside on the beautiful green hills of Napa California, with some aged cheese, olives, balsamic vinegar, bread, olive oil, salami and some good vine.

Visit shops, antique stores and art galleries.

In conclusion the trip turned out to be great and very relixing. I would do it again anytime.
Element Boutique.

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