Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cook Off!

About once a week I get this urge to cook and bake. I mean I cook more ofter then just once a week, but those times are different. I cook cause of I have 2 kids and a husband who needs to eat. The other times I really enjoy doing it, trying new things and really spending time with every detail. Well today was one of those days. I decided to cook an appetizer (new dish), entrie (traditional Ukrainian) and a desert (my favorite). So for the appetizer I got a recepie from my sister which is delicious and for sure you got to be a garlic lover, this dish is packed with seasoning and garlic smells. Sautee Skinless Bell Peppers. Love it.

Entrie: is a traditional Ukrainian Borsh (which is like beef and vegetable stew), I don't do it often, but there is for sure a Ukrainian in me, cause I do crave it from time to time. Using my mom's original receipe.

And then the desert. This recepie is a curtesy of my friends Inna. She got me hooked on these harmful cookies. Roaster Hazelnut Cookies. They are small and delicious. You almost don't feel guilty eating whole bunch of them with some tea in the evening.

All set for today, now going to visit my hubby on the job site and then to do some shopping.

Looking forward to this delicious, gourmet dinner.
Element Boutique.

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