Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Product!!! Beaded- All Natural Pacifier Clip Holder- For Sale

My baby is going to turn 3 years old in August, which is soooo unbelievable. She's never been a pacifier lover, well actually never cared for it at all. But it was the cutest thing when I pulled out a pacifier that I've purchased for the new baby, she got so excited and wanted to take it. Once I've attached it to the Eco-Friendly Pacifier Clip Holder and let her model it for me, she would not want to let go of it, and was walking around house, acting like a little baby. I do miss her as a baby, but every age stage is awesome and I actually enjoy her troublemaker stage right now. :) I mean it....

Take a look at the new, currently available in my ETSY SHOP, Eco-Friendly Pacifier Clip Holders- Beaded

Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Week!!!

A friend of mine from the Hope Floats, has made me feel special every day of this week for my birthday. I've seriously enjoyed every little surprise gift that I would get daily on my front porch. As if she has been reading my mind and remembering everythiing that I needed or wanted thru out the year. She is a special person, that I am so lucky to have met 10 years ago. Once I am out of ideas for any occasion or a birthday, I always think to myself "what would Nada do?" Truly she is the only mom I know with 4 kids under 10, that is so busy helping others and live to make others happy. I beleive she is a true example of what God ment, when he called us to serve each other.

On the morning of my birthday, before I realized myself what day it was, she was knocking on my door, with the yummy, homemade sandwiches for my whole family, homemade baked goodies and a can of coffee. I would never think of that, and how much a person might enjoy  that special visit.

On Monday, my husband noticed a small bag on the front porch, with some awesome, new make-up by Sonia Kashuk.

On Tuesday, was came for some breakfast, and brought another small gift. A unique butter holder, that she purchased on  her recent trip to Canada. She is originallly from Canada, and I've always admired the unique, beautiful accessories that you can find in Canada.

On Wednsday, I discovered another small gift bag, with some handmade gardening labels and herbs to match it. See for yourself, its adorable and I already put them to great use in my garden.

On Thursday, I've noticed a curling iron hanging on my door, that I've been wanting to buy. Plus my old one was just cracked after our recent Hawaii trip.

Today, she stopped by again with the most awesome, personalized to me neckalce. Did I mentioned that she handmade it herself.

So please tell me when does this woman finds the time (with 4 small kids) ideas and craftsmanship??? Huge insiration to me and I bet all of her friends.

Gardening Therapy

Today, I bearly slept. I've been experiencing shortness of breath, especially at night, and have a hard time finding a comfortable position to fall asleep. Plus the baby seems to be wide awake and having a party all night long. So I found myself researching and looking up on my phone more about the "Hunger Games" which I did not know anything about. I was just curious what drives so much youth and adults to these book publications and movie productions. Something I  have not interest too, not will allow my girls to be part of when they are at that age. **** Its my personal choice and opinion after some research.

So by the time the morning rolled in I was exhausted, sleepy and grumpy. Still having difficulty to grasp full lungs of air, I've enjoyed a breakfast with a great friend of mine, to stopped by to visit me. Since it is sunny out and dry I decided to dress up the kids warm and go to out do some long overdue gardening. I've purchased some tulips that needed to be planed in the ground soon. I couldn't tell you how much my girls and I've enjoyed planing, digging in the ground, killing weeds and watering. I think we've been inside for too long and I really needed that gardening therapy and to breath some fresh air. Even thought its cold out, I love the sunshine and seeing my newly planted flowers and herbs.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eco-Friendly Crochet Bamboo Beads Necklace

My latest project was finally finished today. I love these wooden beads and the uniqueness of it when its crochet around with 100% Cotton Yarn in different colors. This necklace is currently available in my Etsy Shop.

Available colors of yarn.

I've also made some Eco-Friendly Teethers for Babies:
Check it out and let me know which color combination is your favorite.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Custom made Franco Asymmetrical Vest with decorative slot seams and inverted pleats. Fully Lined and versatile for many seasons of wear. Love of classic and clean style with modern touches.

Measurements: Chest: 24-1/4", Waist: 23"
Size: 5/7
Ready to Ship

RAFFLE TICKET PRICE: $2/PER ENTRY with FREE SHIPPING: send as a gift to paypal account: elementboutique17@gmail.com (you'll receive an email back, confirming your payment) more then one rafftle ticket can be purchased for a higher chance to win.

Rafftle starts Monday, March 19th, 2012 and is going thru April 2, 2012, 12pm pst. The winner will be picked by Random.com and announced on Tuesday, April 3rd 2012. The winner has until Tuesday, April 10th to claim the prize by emailing us back with their mailing address.
The raffle is only valid for the US residence.       

Good Luck!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow of Hope: Livvy Mae Giveaway!- Ended

Recently Element Boutique with the several other boutiques has participated in a Livvy Mae Giveaway, which was offered thru an incredible team called: Rainbow of Hope.

This giveaway was created to help The Herrington Family who is working on bringing home Livvy Mae. They are short on there funds, & are praying & asking God to provide! This is where The Rainbow of Hope and all the incredible sponsors come in! God has a plan for HER!!!
The giveaway has ended and brought in $1360, which will be a huge help for The Herrington Family.
I plan to donate for their upcoming giveaway and will keep you posted on details and times.
Thank you all who participated.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yes, its been a while.... a long while....

Several things have happend since my last post.
I have been busy being me (most of the time)... knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting. I'll post the pictures later of my most recent creations. Holidays are always very busy and I've been taking a bit of a break from blogging.

We've recently took a trip to Hawaii to visit my sister and her family and also to take a break from this NW lovely rainy season. (pictures to follow)

The main reason is because, I have not been feeling my best...
We are expecting Baby #3....... Due June 8th, 2012.


Since I've been nauseas, tired, moody, almost at the fanting stage, not able to sleep and every other pregnancy simptom you can think of. (except throwing up.... thank GOD) I just can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy and put these 9 months behind me. I've been feeling great thru out my first two pregnancies with my girls, so this is a bit of a new experience for me. But can't complain too much, the baby is growing, kicking and definatley a happy baby inside of me... so I can' t be more blessed and excited.

Till next time.