Monday, April 26, 2010

Rosettes Shoe Clips!

Almost out the door, on my way to go to Clackamas County Recorder's Office to file a lien. Not one of my pleasant jobs to do, but something that needs to be done. Sadly enought, due to economy these days, we are forced to file liens on several of the projects that were done a while back in order to get paid. Recently I've been learning more and more about Oregon/ Washington laws on proper lien procedures and legal property forclosure laws. In order to have everything in place and correct paperwork in time, I need to know as much as possible about these laws in each county.

On the other hand I wanted to post some pictures of my recent Shoe Clips that I managed to find time to make. I was really excited to start  making these cause I got a big shipment of the order that I've placed some time back with all the necessary gadgets. Also I was able to visit a fabric store with my friend (who came from Florida) That fabric store has so much to offer, that any person walking in, would be lots in all the beautiful fabrics, patterns and textures that they have to offer. So here I was getting as much fabrics as I could possible get.
One of the fabrics that I was especially exited to buy was different colors of silk dupioni which is a great fabric to work with. Later on all share the beautiful creations that I made with these fabrics.

Here are some of the shoe clips that I did so far.
Rosettes Shoe Clips, Removable- $17

Element Boutique...

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