Friday, April 30, 2010

Poppy Flower Headbands

Yesturday I found this great Paper Denim & Cloth Dress at Marshal Store for only $12. What caught my attention about this dress is the tiny details that were pretty and simple. The buttons on the back were all different, the strap on the back created a nice twist the seams at the front and pockets were complementing the dress in every way. I was pretty excited to try in on Erika. But before that I had to make a headband that would go with that dress. Here is the outcome of my beautiful daughter Erika sparking in her new denim dress and a poppy flower headband.

These are some of the other onces that I've created.

Orange/ Brown Headband-$15

Turquoise Flower Headband- $14

Element Boutique.

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