Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One of those Tuesdays!!!!

Before getting out of bed I knew this day would be a bit hectic day, since lots of tasks need to be done, little did I know that it would be a very busy Tuesday. With both of my kids by my side I was out of the house by 10 am on my way towards Vancouver Downtown. Had to stop by three places, which lucky for me turned out to be close by one another. Also end up stopping by the store for 5 minutes and forgot to feed the metering unit. End up getting a parking ticket for $15. Had lunch in Panera Bread. Erika and I Love their soups. Back on the road toward Portland Downtown for the meeting in Steward Title. Got stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes. End up missing my exit, and going for what seems like forever different direction. By the time I turn around and was on the freeway again it started raining hard and I was running late. Looking for parking in downtown on the weekday is one of my pet peves. I end up making couple circles around the building to get the closer parking I could get, since by now Abby was taking her second nap and I would need to drag the carseat with me. Was lucking enought to get a parking right infront of the building and getting to my meeting. The commute on my way back wasn't as bad and I was able to get home in time to make dinner, before my husband came home. Enjoyed doing Chicken / Mushroom Marsala with Tie Bow Pasta, while my kiddos were taking a nap.

It was a busy day, but I was able to get lots done and was relieved about it. Now I have to take care of my poor little Abby who is hopefully teething. She's been feeling very weak and cranky ever since we came from Napa Valley Trip. Had runny nose and drools alot. I am hoping its teeth, because really would not want her to be sick, plus she'll be 8 months in 3 days, so would be nice to see first teeth showing up pretty soon here. In addition I promised Erika to go to the library which would have to happend tomorrow.

After dinner and both kids in bed I was ready to relax and get back to create something for Element Boutique. Here are a few onesis that I decided to do.



Looking forward to a quite Wednsday to spend with the kids.
Element Boutique.

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