Monday, March 29, 2010


Having 3 kids at one time is overwhelming! Especially if some of them are not yours. But I've survived 10 days with no regrets and believe did a good job taking care of everyone. Did several fun activities including, going to the skate park, movies (to watch "Diary of a whimpy kid"), to the mall (to get a pocket knife and pair of "COOL Boy" shoes and a belt), playing several board games and watching numerous kids movies at home, going BBQ while having fire in the back yard. Doing homework, prepearing lunches and breakfasts and practicing guitar. Also attending Talent Show.

As well as hosting a birthday party at the park for family and friends. It was quit an experience for both my husband and I.
The outcome: my hubby requested a SON, since he had great time playing water guns, fighting and karate. Also redicilous boys games that I did not find funny.

Of course here is a last invention of my work, that I managed to create in that mids of that week:

Double Sided, super soft Security Blanket for a Girl- $12.00

2 ea. Silver Silk Rosettes Shoe Clips- $8.00

Pale Yellow, Silk Flower Pin- $8.00

Until next time....
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