Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next 10 Days...

For the next 10 days my nephew is staying with us and it will be quit an experience, I already know. First of all he is 10, goes to private school (that means drop of at school by 8am, with prepared lunch in the morning and pick up at 3pm) ofcourse I am not used to it so this alone will be something. School every day, homework after school, guitar lessons, guitar practice,  a talent show to attend (ofcourse practice before the show) snowboarding trip and needs a hair cut. It doesn't sounds like much for 10 days, but in addition to my daily activities and both of my kids, I think I will be busy. PLUS, If I haven't mentioned next week is our birthdays, yes the St. Patricks Day. By "our" I mean, my hubby's and mine. We have the same Birthday "March 17" (but he is 4 years older and I) So a party to plan and prepare for. Probably on Saturday....

So I'll keep you posted as my days go by and hopefully I'll enjoy the experience of having a schooler at home.

Had an order come in for a baby girl hat and was really excited to get to it, since I've enjoyed knitting hats. I've knitted this one before for my baby girl, which became her favorite hat. And she looks so adorable in it.

While the kids were taking a nap I began working on the hat and enjoying freshly baked Peanut Butter Banana Cookies with cup of hot Black Tea.   YUM!

Here is the outcome:

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