Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Product!!! Beaded- All Natural Pacifier Clip Holder- For Sale

My baby is going to turn 3 years old in August, which is soooo unbelievable. She's never been a pacifier lover, well actually never cared for it at all. But it was the cutest thing when I pulled out a pacifier that I've purchased for the new baby, she got so excited and wanted to take it. Once I've attached it to the Eco-Friendly Pacifier Clip Holder and let her model it for me, she would not want to let go of it, and was walking around house, acting like a little baby. I do miss her as a baby, but every age stage is awesome and I actually enjoy her troublemaker stage right now. :) I mean it....

Take a look at the new, currently available in my ETSY SHOP, Eco-Friendly Pacifier Clip Holders- Beaded

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