Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Week!!!

A friend of mine from the Hope Floats, has made me feel special every day of this week for my birthday. I've seriously enjoyed every little surprise gift that I would get daily on my front porch. As if she has been reading my mind and remembering everythiing that I needed or wanted thru out the year. She is a special person, that I am so lucky to have met 10 years ago. Once I am out of ideas for any occasion or a birthday, I always think to myself "what would Nada do?" Truly she is the only mom I know with 4 kids under 10, that is so busy helping others and live to make others happy. I beleive she is a true example of what God ment, when he called us to serve each other.

On the morning of my birthday, before I realized myself what day it was, she was knocking on my door, with the yummy, homemade sandwiches for my whole family, homemade baked goodies and a can of coffee. I would never think of that, and how much a person might enjoy  that special visit.

On Monday, my husband noticed a small bag on the front porch, with some awesome, new make-up by Sonia Kashuk.

On Tuesday, was came for some breakfast, and brought another small gift. A unique butter holder, that she purchased on  her recent trip to Canada. She is originallly from Canada, and I've always admired the unique, beautiful accessories that you can find in Canada.

On Wednsday, I discovered another small gift bag, with some handmade gardening labels and herbs to match it. See for yourself, its adorable and I already put them to great use in my garden.

On Thursday, I've noticed a curling iron hanging on my door, that I've been wanting to buy. Plus my old one was just cracked after our recent Hawaii trip.

Today, she stopped by again with the most awesome, personalized to me neckalce. Did I mentioned that she handmade it herself.

So please tell me when does this woman finds the time (with 4 small kids) ideas and craftsmanship??? Huge insiration to me and I bet all of her friends.


  1. Hey there! It's Alyssa from Rainbow of hope blog :) I saw your comment on the winners post about wanting to donate again! We have another giveaway up, if you would like to donate an item just let me know! If you would like to wait that is also fine :) -Alyssa

  2. Hey! I just read this:) I love you like I love the color white!!!!