Friday, March 23, 2012

Gardening Therapy

Today, I bearly slept. I've been experiencing shortness of breath, especially at night, and have a hard time finding a comfortable position to fall asleep. Plus the baby seems to be wide awake and having a party all night long. So I found myself researching and looking up on my phone more about the "Hunger Games" which I did not know anything about. I was just curious what drives so much youth and adults to these book publications and movie productions. Something I  have not interest too, not will allow my girls to be part of when they are at that age. **** Its my personal choice and opinion after some research.

So by the time the morning rolled in I was exhausted, sleepy and grumpy. Still having difficulty to grasp full lungs of air, I've enjoyed a breakfast with a great friend of mine, to stopped by to visit me. Since it is sunny out and dry I decided to dress up the kids warm and go to out do some long overdue gardening. I've purchased some tulips that needed to be planed in the ground soon. I couldn't tell you how much my girls and I've enjoyed planing, digging in the ground, killing weeds and watering. I think we've been inside for too long and I really needed that gardening therapy and to breath some fresh air. Even thought its cold out, I love the sunshine and seeing my newly planted flowers and herbs.

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