Monday, June 28, 2010

Time with the girls....

My husband has had a very busy week and has been coming home later than usual. As much as I could protest he still had to go to work on Saturday. Usually I desperately look forward to the weekend (especially Saturday) to spend time together. This Saturday I had to come up with something to get myself busy with. I decided to take my girls to a park and give then a well overdue photoshoot. I brought lots of different outfits,  jewlery and head full of ideas. Here is an outcome of several hours, in the park running around taking about 200 pictures and making noises to get their attention. Sweating under the burning sun and 80 + deg weather. I am going to admit photography is a bit of a hard work, especially with kids, but I did enjoy it a lot.

Also discovered that Abby is absolutely terrified of a grass and trees, she cried half way thru the photoshoot and wouldn't sit down unless I had her attention with some snacks or toys. And Erika is just like I used to be, loves to climb trees and not afraid of heights.

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