Monday, June 28, 2010

Hellow Yellow!

Perhaps it's because summer is here, but we can't get enough of yellow. The bright and cheery hue brings a smile to our faces and puts a summer in our step. Want to immerse yourself in the color of the sun? Shop for the favorite golden things.  

Yellow are the taxi tops

the butterflies and bumblebees

juicy lemons, sunflower

and for falling leaves

Yellow is for egg yolk
a fever's name,

yellow directory pages

and a yellow warning cards given to players.

Yellow is for the sun 

ornaments of gold,

colour of papers

that are preserved and old.

Yellow is for mustard fields

and banana peels
I stepped on and tripped
also a colour of wisdom and intellect.

Yellow is for charming smilies
for youth, exhuberence and cowardice

to make people smile is its purpose.

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