Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer starts on Monday....

As I was listening to the 6 oclock News several days ago. I've heard the meteorologist say " Summer starts on Monday..." I was excited as many of you to hear those words and made myself beleive that it will happen. As many of us I've been waiting for the sun to come out and warm this planet. For me especially I've been waiting for the sun as if though the life will change and some problems will go away once the sun shine peaks thru the dark clouds. I've been expecting several set backs in different parts of my life and have been down in some areas. Yesturday as I've been frustraited with my blog not being able to post updates for weeks, my back hearing like crazy every time I would move or try to sit down (from the yesturday's fall on my staircase)  I was thinking to myself at 2 am in the morning what if tomorrow, I will wake up and everything will be great  and at peace. If everything will be live and bright as if nothing has ever happend. I dose of too sleep after checking on my kids (sleeping in their rooms peacefully) with one prayer on my mind, "God, let the summer begin tomorrow and help me deal with all this"

I was awaked by my husband's "Good Bye, I am heading out to work" kiss around 6 am. I was excited for this day and even though lots needed to be done; many phone calls made, papers filed and decisions made, I was ready to start this day fresh and with lots of energy.

Made me think of a time when I was upset about some business issue and was thinking thru the options in my head, my 3 years old daughter came up to me and said "Mom are you mad? Your face looks very upset, is there anything I can do? I guess my face expression was showing more that I wanted it to show, that my toddler noticed it.

We had to do some legal proceedings and get governtment involved in order to fight for our business. It put a lot of pressure on us and expecially now that we are 7 days from the Final Order dead line. The respondent in this case is trying to come up with all kinds of ways out by creating fraudulent letters and false case against us. I know that God is in the middle of all this and he will lead the way it should go. As I made some much needed phone calls this morning I am at peace now that it will all be handled right.

Even I have several places to go and still loads of paperwork filed I know that it can wait.... For now time to enjoy the summer with my kids.

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