Monday, June 21, 2010


Hours and hours of conversations..... phone conversations....It seemed as though my cell phone was glued to my ear. Faxes send and loads of faxes received. Letters typed and send out for good. Then some more phone calls. By 4 pm I was done. My kids were neglected for the most part of the day. I felt terrible. Had my first meal of the day (not counting a cup of morning coffee) at 4 pm. Which felt really good to put some food into my very exhausted body.

Erika & I actually had enought energy after late lunch to vacuum and clean my car, which was over due for a clean up, while Abby napped.

Then put everything on HOLD and went outside to enjoy the weather. Played ball, ride bikes, walked with a stroller, drawn some pictures on the sidewalk with the chalk, knitted while my kids played on the grass and played with neighboors kids. Took some funny videos of them playing which will bring lots of memories of this day. I even took the food outside to the front porch to let my kids eat and run around. It was so nice to just forget about it all and just enjoy the day. To laught and make them laugh and see my kids enjoy every minute of it.

I know tomorrow will be better and I am looking forward to it.

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