Friday, September 17, 2010


Three words to describe my oldest daughter Erika. FEARLESS... INDEPENDENT... SMART. I knew it from the first day I saw her that she'll be all three of those. The way she developed, handled herself and acted thru her almost 4 years of life. I love seeing her grow everyday into a bit of a copy of me.  She is so independent at times that it somehow irritates me and I still want to do things for her, thinking she is my little precious baby. As I started to realize how fast she was growing I try to spend more time with her, learning her character, the way she learns things, sees things and understands it. Today is her first day of piano lessons and she was talking about it none stop. Her little reward for behaving good, is gymnastic/ballet lessons, that she is very excited about.
A few days ago I spotted her trying to skateboard on a adult neightboor skateboard. Not sure where she learned the technique, but she was out there kicking the board in front of her and jumping on it with out any fear what so ever. As I was trying to take pictures of her, I was hoping she would fall with every jump she took.
As her aunt commented about this picture "Fearless! Love her little bow in her hair she knows how to stay true to her girliness and "daredevil" side."

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