Friday, October 7, 2011

Mango Crab Stack

I am a huge salad lover, especially the onces that have fruits, nuts and unique spices. My husband and I have probably mastered several dozen of different recipes of salads, from which we've selected several of our favorite. The Mango Crab Stack is by far on the top of my list, and I could seriously have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It a small portion, light and colorful salad with spicy sauce that leaves your mouth on fire. The sauce recepe I came up on my own and it really does not have measurements, the cayenne pepper amount could be adjusted to taste.

Red Onion
Bell Pepper
Crab Meat
Salt, Black Pepper (to taste)
Lemon Chives to garnish (optional)

Tabasco Sauce
Cayenne Red Pepper
Lemon Juice

Chop everything into small squares, layer it with sprinkles of salt and pepper in between layers, then add a sauce on top with some lemon chives for garnish.

The method I use to create a stack is by cutting a buttom off a styrofoam cup and placing it on a plate. Then use it to add layers of each ingredient and pressing it down with a spoon. Once it all done, carefully lifting the cup and sprinkling with sauce.

Don't forget to enjoy.

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