Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Element Boutique Fan Page

Ok, this just sucks big time. I've been seeing two Element Boutique pages on Facebook. One- My original the right one and the other one- Just blank. I was ok with that. But when someone tried to search for Element Boutique the blank one would only come up and the right one was no where to be seen. Plus due to 2 pages of Element Boutique on FaceBook, MY ETSY SHOP App was not working correctly.
SO I've been looking thru every Help menu and Troubleshooting info to find a way to fix the problem and came to a conclusion to delete the blank page and be done with it. Well when I deleted the blank one, my orginial was gone with it. So here I am, mad about deleting my Element Boutique Page with almost 150 fan and tons and tons of photos, comments, notes and discussions............. Ah Very Mad....

So not too long ago I've started a completely new ELEMENT BOUTIQUE Page and would love it you swing by and check it out. The good part is that it does have MY ETSY SHOP TAB all working properly.

I am relieved that the whole mess is all behind me, but at the same time I don't know where to start with this new page. Please be patient with me as I slowly will recover all the photos, descriptions and prices for all the work that has been done.

As I am all cut-up I will be offering a March Giveaway, which was originally supposed to be for my birthday (17th) but wont happend until last week of March. Plus I am hoping I will reach 200 fans by then and have another reason to celebrate it.

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